Restaurant a Mola di Bari

The passion for good food


Our history

We are known for over traditional recipes and the freshness of our products from the sea or from the farms.
Our family started in 1991 in the restaurant business as artigianal pasta maker and grew to beautifull restaurant in front of the sea of Mola di Bari, with capacity up to 150 seats underroad to Bari going north and Polignano going suth a few miles away.

Porzioni e contorni
Take-out service
The Al Bel Paese Restaurant offers thake-out service to those coustomers that have limited time to eat out in still-table.
We prepare fresh food and cooked pasta to order, as well as making dishes complete with side dishes.
servizio al tavolo Al Bel Paese
Table service
If you want to spend a lunch or dinner in our restaurant, we will delight your palates with fresh pasta in our production, to which we usually combine second courses prepared with the fresh catch of the day, seafood: to accompany everything, our best wines.
Our pizzas are prepared with the best flours, slowly leavened making them digestible and coming out from time to time with fresh and seasonal ingredients.
The freshness of our products
Our Al Bel Paese Restaurant is synonymous with quality and freshness of our products, this characteristic combines all the dishes: the fish just caught and immediately ready on the table, delivered by our fishermen every day.

Fresh pasta
The pasta factory tradition continues today. We prepare the first dishes with fresh pasta customizable with different ingredients, various types of dough, flour, based on customer tastes.