Our pasta factory in Mola di Bari


Discover our homemade creations

Al Bel Paese restaurant still preserves the ancient pasta factory tradition in Bari: each days various fresh pasta preparations are customizable depending on the taste and and preference of the customers, made to order.

Artisan pasta factory is located in C.so Umberto 61, in the historical center of Mola di Bari: this reality was born as a craftsmanship already in the 1970's and is in 1991 that was discovered by the current owner, Antonia Bianco, which soon succeeds in making it a point of reference for the production and sale of fresh and simple fresh pasta.

The pasta factory is one of the oldest in the province and boasts a tradition and experience in the field as few. Orecchiette, cavatelli, gnocchi of potatoes, paccheri, tortellini, ravioli prepared with the classic fillings of ricotta and spinach or meat, to the more particular and sought after with gourd and porcini mushrooms or ricotta radicchio and speck: these are just some of the specialties that you can find, already ready or made to order, in this last case it is possible to request varieties of sizes, dough and fillings, depending on the customer's tastes. “Tortelli, mezzeluna, fagottini, margherita, cuori”: all hand-made products.

Every day, within our pasta shop you will also find a wide choice of takeaway dishes, among the first ones based on fresh pasta and second prepared with the highest quality products. Great food of typical cuisine: Bari-style focaccia bread, rice potatoes and mussels, eggplant parmigiana, orecchiette, turnip and much more.

Within the cheese factory, you can also find many typical products, strictly crafted and genuine, such as olive oil and fennel seeds taralli and various types of almond biscuits, like the classic “Sospiri molesi”.