Al bel Paese restaurant in Bari


Our restaurant history

Our Al Bel Paese Restaurant in Bari was born in 1991 as a pasta factory, remaining one of the oldest in the province. Over time our business grows, taking care of us too snack bar; four years after our small business has been turned into a restaurant that delights the palates of our customers with genuine and high quality preparations.

Today, as before, our goal is to preserve the naturalness of the ingredients, to treat our food resources with delicacy and respect, in order to bring to the plate table worthy of the Italian Mediterranean tradition. The goodness of the fruits of the earth combines with the professionalism and experience in the dairy industry, so every reservation becomes a pretext to make the customers dream and transport them to ancient universes, characterized by evocative tastes.

Al Bel Paese
Fresh pasta, pizza prepared with slow leavening in 48 hours with fiber and grain buds, fresh fish, caught and cooked in a few hours, ready on the table to inhale clients with typical scents: quality and handicrafts, varieties, traditions and products at km 0 are our strengths embellished and enriched by a touch of familiarity and kindness that never breaks.

In 2016, Al Bel Paese restaurant decides to expand their rooms: welcome to up one hundred customers during the winter months, while in the summer you can reach up to one hundred and fifty seats.

We have kept pastifying activity for the preparation of fresh pasta and we guarantee takeaway service.